Real Estate Investment
Adam McCarthy

Choosing the Right Real Estate Investment Agent

Choosing the Right Real Estate Investment Agent A Real Estate Investment Agent can be a valuable partner as a property management investor.  With commercial and residential properties proving over time to be a proper choice in diversifying your portfolio of investments, it is incredibly important your choice of a real estate agent can either make or

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Why Invest in Real Estate

Why Invest in Real Estate? One of the most common questions I get asked is why invest in real estate versus other opportunities (stock market, crypto currencies, bonds, life insurance, etc.) I do believe in a balanced financial portfolio, including the items just listed, but my favorite is real estate. The investment in real estate

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Best Practices For Collecting Rent

Safe & Reliable Ways To Collect Rent From Tenants As the COVID-19 era progresses, finding safe and reliable ways of collecting rent seems to grow more challenging. Landlord and tenant relationships are fragile as finances for both parties continue to be stretched thin. If you are a landlord, you must research what resources are available to

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