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Milwaukee Real Estate Agents The Smart Asset Team

Adam McCarthy

Adam started Smart Asset Realty & Management in May of 2015 with the idea that people want to invest in real estate, "they just don’t know how easy it can be." Adam focuses on the brokerage side of the business while helping the management team as needed. As the Broker/Owner for Smart Asset Realty he leads his real estate team through acquisitions and he generates new development sites for our clients while collaborating with third party project managers. When you decide to work with Adam he brings along a huge network of brokers and other real estate experts so you the investor can find financial success and diversification of your personal portfolios.

Brian White

Vice President of Operations
Brian joined Smart Asset Management in the Spring of 2018. He comes to us with 12 years of collections experience from his former role as Vice President of Operations and Business Development at Credit Management Control (CMC). Brian brings Smart Asset Realty the experience and desire to work in a fast-paced industry that encourages favorable relationships with tenants. He understands that tenants who are satisfied with their rental experience will stay in their homes for as long as renting fits their needs and is looking forward to providing them with that positive living environment.

Karla maldonado

Licensed Broker
Karla works alongside the broker, each step of the buying/selling process, to ensure everything is in place to sell your properties/or purchase new ones seamlessly. From calendar/showing management, attending inspections / appraisals / closings, communicate directly w/ broker’s clients, add listings to MLS, gather relevant information & prepare necessary paperwork for selling/ buying property. On the management side, Karla works closely with the Operations Manager, paying employees/vendors by verifying vendor accounts & reconciling monthly statements and transactions.

Liz Perez

Rent Collections and Legal Department Manager
Liz oversees the Rent Collection Department and works hand in hand with our attorney, to help ensure timely payments and evictions as needed. She works alongside multiple organizations to assist tenants with emergency rental assistance.

Patrick Jacka

Strategic Partnerships Manager &
Marketing Manager
Patrick is responsible for building and maintaining successful relationships with prospects and existing clients, collaborating with property owners on strategy to determine objectives and goals, evaluating current portfolios and maximizing business reach and potential.

ALex RUnge

Financial Operations Manager
Alex is responsible for managing all expense tracking, financial reporting, and monthly remittance for our property owners. He works very closely with owners to help them understand how their portfolio is preforming and how it could improve. Works closely with the Vice President of Operations to analyze company performance and examine company needs. Maintaining our management software.

Braden Grimord

Lease Renewal Manager &
Commercial Property Liaison
Braden’s main duties are to create and execute a lease renewal plan for all owners while mitigating the risk of tenant move outs. Braden also works directly with Commercial property owners and tenants of commercial properties to collect rent, handle maintenance concerns and oversee the smooth operation of Commercial properties.

Ian Kozak

Leasing Department Manager
Ian oversees the Leasing Department and Leasing Agents. Ian makes sure all units are marketed on our website and other third-party rental sites at a competitive rent amount. He manages the application screening process and works closely with the Capital Improvements Team to ensure unit readiness.

Toby Mauhar

Capital Improvements Manager
Toby leads a team of Maintenance Technicians who are responsible for all unit turns, property inspections and evaluations. He works closely with property owners to ensure all available properties are ready for rent in a timely manner.

Elizabeth Boyd

Resident Services Manager
Elizabeth leads a team of Resident Services Specialists who are the first point of contact for all applicants, residents, and prospective clients. This team strives to provide a high level of customer service, by being readily available to address any questions or concerns that come our way.

George Booth

Quality & Assurance Manager
George has an important role as a Compliance Manager responsible for responding to all city orders and developing a good working relationship with city inspectors. In addition, George manages the Smart Asset Fleet.

Sarah Smith

Capital Improvements Coordinator
Sarah coordinates and schedules property inspections and unit turns. She works closely with property owners to ensure all available properties are ready for rent in a timely manner. She works hand-in-hand with the Leasing Department to meet potential ready dates for our new residents. Sarah's goal is to provide the best experience for every resident.

Kevin Herbeck

Capital Improvements Assistant
Kevin is a member of the Capital Improvements team responsible for reviewing owner estimates for unit turns, managing in-house inventory, and field tech supervision.

Andy Janny

Expense Allocation Specialist
Andy is a member of the Accounting Department as a expense allocation specialist focusing on water utility and maintenance billing. Having a bachelor’s degree in finance and five years of management experience, he brings a high level of customer service and professionalism to Smart Asset.

Mary Rozenberg

Senior Maintenance Coordinator
Mary is our Senior Maintenance Coordinator with the largest group of properties. She has a close relationship with her owners and tenants to ensure all maintenance requests are tended to. Additionally, Mary works with third-party organizations to coordinate weatherization on eligible properties.

Caleb Lundwall

Maintenance Coordinator
Caleb adds value to the Maintenance Department with his landscaping background along with three years of property management experience. He coordinates all snow removal and routine lawn care for multi-family and commercial properties. He responds to all work order requests placed by our residents, ensuring repairs and requests are attended to.

Glendaliz Matias

Maintenance Coordinator
Glendaliz works as a Bilingual Maintenance Coordinator who helps serve our Spanish speaking residents. She ensures all work orders placed by our residents is followed through, addressed and closed in a timely manner. We strive to assist residents in maintaining a safe and comfortable home environment.

Jim Cefalu

My Dwelling Sales Director
Jim has over 10 years of experience in Real Estate and Property Management. Whether it’s buying, selling, or leasing, he has the experience to listen then answer your questions and assist you though out the entire process. He takes great satisfaction in meeting with people to understand and fulfill their property management needs and is dedicated to establishing relationships that continue for years to come.

Charles Rose

Charles provides legal advice and services for the Smart Asset Management team including lease review, evictions and advising the team in general real estate matters. His zealous representation for landlords in the courtroom is a tremendous asset for property owners within the Smart Asset Management team.

Tiliene McGEE

Leasing Dept. Admin & Leasing Agent
Tiliene assists the Leasing Department in the office by screening new tenant applications and generating new leases. In addition, Tiliene works in the field as a Leasing Agent placing applicants into their new rental homes.

Rachel Hanson

Rent Collection Specialist
As a member of the Rent Collections department, Rachel works with tenants, rental assistance agencies, and property owners alike to ensure rent is collected in a timely manner. This includes weekly and monthly portfolio reviews, payment arrangements, and monthly meetings with the department head to review accounts.

Catie Bauer

Rent Collection Specialist
As a member of the Rent Collections department, Catie works with tenants and owners alike to ensure rent is collected in a timely manner. Additionally, Catie processes all physical payments that come in to our office.

Sylisa Lamb

Rent Collection Specialist
Sylisa works with the largest collection group we have to date. As a member of the Rent Collections Department, Sylisa works with tenants, rental assistance agencies and property owners to ensure rent is collected in a timely manner. This includes weekly and monthly portfolio reviews, payment arrangements, and monthly meetings with the department head to review accounts. She has a passion for helping people and finding the best solutions that work for all parties.

Maranda Moton-Weston

Rent Collection Specialist
Maranda is a member of the Rent Collections Department, making sure rent is received in a timely manner. In addition, Maranda assists in the Leasing Department by screening new tenant applications.

Ebony foster

Resident Services Specialist
Ebony is a key member of the team, bringing five years of property management and customer service skills to the Resident Services Department. She maintains a good rapport with tenants by addressing their questions and concerns, keeping them at ease.

Maureen Neumann

Resident Services Specialist
Mo is a member of the Resident Services Department that is a first point of contact on the phones, she assists tenants by addressing their questions and concerns by collaboratively working with all other departments to provide an answer.

Bert Mcalister

Resident Services Specialist
Bert has four years of retail and customer service skills, with his background he is able to handle all calls with care and is efficient with finding solutions. Additionally, he is a point person who helps schedule inspections and appraisals upon owner request.

Meghan Jusino

Resident Services Specialist
Meghan is our newest Resident Services Department member. She assists with receiving calls from clients, collaboratively working with all other departments to provide a quick response.

Dominic Williams

Resident Services - Intern
Dominic is a Senior in High School enrolled in a co-op program to work and earn credit toward his high school diploma. He works as a Resident Services Intern, being a first point of contact on the phones, assists tenants by addressing their questions and concerns by collaboratively working with all other departments.

Andy Justman

Property Inspection Coordinator
Andy brings over 30 years of diverse construction and development management experience to the Smart Asset Management team. Andy is responsible for coordinating and attending all municipal inspections in the field. Additionally, Andy meets with owners, appraisers and representatives to assess property needs.

Emma Tenhover

Housing Program Coordinator
Emma is responsible for handling all Rent Assistance programs. She ensures Smart Asset stays in compliance with all HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) regulations. She oversees the Housing process for new applicants, inspections, rent increases, lease renewals, and rental payments from each organization. Emma works closely with these organizations to establish a working relationship to help provide quality and affordable housing to low-income to moderate-income families.

Field property managers & leasing agents

Joseph Pipes

Property Manager
Joseph comes to Smart Asset with 10 years is experience in Property Management. Joe handles the property management at The Highlands in the near west side of Milwaukee as well as leasing in the area. Joseph is also a Pastor at Greater St Luke Baptist Church in Racine.

Victoria Stewart

Leasing Agent
Victoria is a full time Smart Asset Leasing Agent with valuable experience of the southeast Wisconsin market. Her willingness to help local tenants find the right property is second to none!

Aldrenna (Dreama) Smith

Property Manager & Leasing Agent
Dreama joined Smart Asset Management as our company has expanded into Southeast Wisconsin. She holds a dual role as leasing agent for Racine and Kenosha as well as managing our larger properties. She maintains a 1% vacancy rate for her properties.
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