Commercial Property Management In Wisconsin

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Our business capabilities include commercial property management, offering our clients full operational accountability for their property management needs. We serve as the single point of contact for commercial clients and will conduct monthly walk-throughs, lease negotiations, CAM reconciliations, and monthly financial and operational reporting. Our services are flexible and can be negotiated to suit the unique needs of your property.

Why You Need a Property Manager

Property managers are an investment worth making when you own rental properties. Whether you have homes, condos, and/or commercial spaces you rent to tenants, managing all of these properties requires a significant amount of time. Between management, rent collection, maintenance, and customer service, you may experience high-stress levels. Investing in real estate is essential for diversifying your portfolio, but it doesn’t need to cause headaches.

As an elite property management company serving Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Madison, the southeastern area, and the Racine area, we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of property management. We have helped those who tried to do it all on their own and those who hired companies that caused more issues than they resolved. You deserve the best property manager for your investments. Our number one priority is protecting your investments!

When you hire the best property manager, you can expect:

Property management services can involve only a single function or the whole package. Customization of services but not only a single function – With using Smart Asset Realty you can customize the management services. We offer flexible, affordable management services to ensure we serve your exact needs. You can expect efficient and prompt responses when you partner with Smart Asset Management.

Property Management Services

We find it imperative to choose the right property management services company when it comes to your investment properties. Fortunately, Smart Asset Realty is a full-service company that provides property management for both residential and commercial properties. We can cover the most routine to even one-of-a-kind management requests.

our services include:

We make sure you get paid on time for every unit we manage on your behalf.

Based on our agreement, we will hand your operating expenses for your properties. This includes taxes, insurances, licenses, and more.

To minimize vacancy, we can list your property and fill it with the best tenants quickly. We will also perform the move in and move out procedures.

Should anything go wrong we have a 24-hour maintenance call center designed to assign the appropriate response crew to immediately support your tenants.

Your commercial buildings will be maintained and repaired as needed. We will ensure any systems are up-to-code, including security, elevators, and others. 

Consider our other services that can fully alleviate any headaches that come with real estate

We know the area better than we know the back of our hand. Our team can – and will – alleviate the stress of managing your property.

We will help you determine what properties in Wisconsin are best for you and your current investment endeavors. 

One of the most important financial decisions you will ever make is purchasing property. We will help you through every step of the process. 

On Smart Asset Realty managed properties, we offers property maintenance services that ensure your property is maintained and your tenants are satisfied. 

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