A Move-In Guide For Property Managers And Tenants

A Move-In Guide For Property Managers And Tenants

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By Adam McCarthy


For both rental property owners and tenants, move-in day can be a source of great excitement. But, neither one should let themselves get lost in the activity. To shield both parties from future trouble and disputes, it is essential to prepare the property for new tenants.  This starts with a move-in checklist, document and sign everything, provide some type of rating system, spell out property manager and tenant responsibilities, maintenance for the move-in.

Property managers and tenants should come prepared when the move-in-date finally arrives. As such, property managers should send the checklist to the tenant and schedule the inspection a couple of weeks prior to moving in. This will give Property Managers enough time to prepare the property for the big day.

Here are some things property managers must do to get the place ready:

  • Make necessary repairs or replacements, or hire professional services to take over

  • Buy the products or supplies required, such as paint or doorknobs, to address problem areas

  • Clean the property, including the yard or garden, or hire a professional to do it

Moving in is always a busy time, but property managers and tenants should always make room in their schedule for move-in inspections. A walkthrough of the entire property before move-in will help identify problems and document its condition.

For the property manager, it means holding the tenant accountable for damages brought on during tenancy. For the tenant, it means spotting preexisting damages that should not be deducted from the security deposit. Though, it is easy to miss crucial items, especially small ones, without a proper guide. This is where a move-in checklist will come in handy.

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